Episode 3 -Passion plus Action achieves results – Theo Vairaktaris

Episode 3 -Passion plus Action achieves results – Theo Vairaktaris

This interview with the Managing Director of the Usher Group Theo Vairaktaris.

In this interview Theo shares how as a young boy he had a purpose and passion to help out his Mother and although he didn’t know that as being an Entrepreneur it was the foundation for building the business he has today.

Patience and going back to basics is currently at the core of Theo’s day.

He’s intentionally slowed down his pace and spending more quality time going deeper in the activities. This is in contrast to him skimming across each topic and moving onto the next that didn’t allow him to be fully present to the problem and therefore the solution.

Achieving more by doing less.

Underpinning the business are core values and agree behaviours, with 12 Pillars, one for each month. October being random acts of kindness.

People are attracted to the Usher Group because one of the key KPI’s is “Love what you do”

Theo spends time explaining how they go about selecting and then nurturing their staff.

“Passion with the right action always equals results”

The other key point to the growth and success of the Usher Group has been Theo recognising that asking for help and delegating to the right people has accelerated the success of the business.

Creating a culture of trust amongst the team and allowing the staff involved and contributing to the culture of the business.

The Usher Group has outsourced its HR processes that allows a separation between the process and the people, but the ‘performance management’ of the team sits with the daily discussions amongst the teams and any issues are resolved before it gets to a formal HR process.

On a personal level Theo is curious about the inner workings of the mind and how the study of the mind is evolving and how we create our own reality

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