Human Resources Management

How to Maximise your Human Resource Processes

People are our greatest Asset yet this is the most difficult asset to get an effective Return On Investment.

Human Resource solutions should add value to your business and support every aspect of the operations.

From our experience most businesses have around 60% of the necessary Human Resource systems in place. We start by examining what you have in place. A very forensic investigation of what’s working and what’s not!

The Human Resource Process Check is a deep dive into your people management processes which includes Recruitment, Human Resource documentation, Communication, Human Resource Systems.

The question we ask is “Are the Human Resource Processes efficient and support Operations or do they get in the way?”

In this steps we take make sure that you end up with people management processes that actually delivers a positive outcome for your staff and support the business.

Unfortunately, lots of business owners perceive Human Resources as a necessary evil and therefore give it little attention. BIG MISTAKE. Our experience is that once a business recognises that its Managers are the Human Resource (people) Managers then Human Resource Systems becomes a tool to build employee loyalty, improve the efficiency and value of a business.

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Investing in your Human Resource Management systems

So, this is what you get for your investment.

First, you get me, and only me. I don’t send a Junior or inexperienced Consultant for such an important job. One of our Junior Consultants may tag along as a part of their training, but you’re stuck with me.

I will visit your physical location for a day. If I think it will take more than a day, I’ll let you know, but most times an 8 hour visit is enough.

Before I turn up, there will need to be a few things we will have discussed and in place so you get the most out of the day. The people who will be involved (not all day, but a part of the day) are your leadership team. That’s usually someone from Operations, Finance, HR (if you have one) and Administration. The bigger you are the more department’s you’ll want to include.

  1. A day where you are not in the middle of an important process, for example, end of month reporting, stock-take, new product releases, you get the picture;
  2. For the first hour, maybe two, you and I will talk (mainly I’ll listen) so you can explain to me where you’re at and what’s bugging you;
  3. I’ll then speak with your Leadership Team and some of your key staff as well as observing the general operations. That should take us to lunch;
  4. This part is totally optional for you, but if there is something that you feel your team could benefit from, by way of training, you can pick a subject from the Intentional Leadership Practice, and I’ll deliver this for an hour and a half (any longer after lunch and they’ll be asleep).
  5.  I’ll also speak with whoever looks after your HR Policy and Procedures to see how these have been managed. This is called the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). These are all the exciting things like Recruiting framework, Organisation Chart, Job Descriptions, Performance Management Programs, Remuneration and Benchmarking. 
    “Just a note, we don’t look at Payroll, Industrial Awards, or OH&S Guidelines of Legislation. They are specialist fields and need experts who can provide you with Legal and related advice. We know what we’re good at, and that’s not one of them.”
  6. I’ll then catch up again with you and summaries the day, and I may even be able to give you a ‘first impressions’ of the day.
  7. I’ll set up a Google Drive for all your documents to be dropped into. If you don’t trust the net, then you can put them on a memory stick for me to take away.
  8. Then it’s over to me. I’ll prepare a Report that tells you what I have observed, traffic light style reporting, and recommendations and priorities on what needs to be done next and why. These will cover: 
  9. – The results from the HRIS investigation and commentary on the way they are managed.
    – Comment on the Organisational Chart and how it’s functioning relating to your current capacity and what changes if any need to be made for efficiency or to take into account future growth (or slow down);
    – Comment on your Recruitment policy and on-boarding success;
    – Comment on your Compensation policy, but not on the appropriateness of how much you pay your staff. That’s a whole different exercise
    – Comment on your Training and Development, Technical (Hard) and People (Soft).
  10.  The final step is I will return and present the Report to you in a 30 minute meeting and allow an hour for questions.

Human Resource Management Processes we cannot support


What we do not advise on the following:

  1. Statutory advice on Industrial Awards, OH&S;
  2. Employment Contract validity, Recruitment Law, Salary and Benefit structure advice;
  3. Providing HR Documents or Templates, providing advice on HRIS systems configuration;
  4. Commentary on non-people related Standard Operating Procedures, eg Sales Processes, Manufacturing Processes, Finance Processes.
  5. Site visits outside of 100 km of the Brisbane CBD. Travel and accommodation expenses if required are additional to the fixed fee.
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