This is Your Business Alignment Framework
We help you make Better Decisions

Our popular Business Analysis Framework is where you start on your journey with Inspiring Business.
To start with we get to know your business before anything. This takes a few days to a week as we prepare and extensive analysis.

What follows is a comprehensive written review. It’s at this point we ask for your feedback to make sure we have understood all the pain points and where your focus is and needs to be. 

We’ve seen too many businesses led down a path, only to find it wasn’t where they wanted to go.

With input from you and your team, we create an implementation program that considers you priorities, capacity, capability and resources. The aim is to make a significant shift in your business within 6-12 months to achieve the outcomes you are after.

We role our sleeves up as the Program Facilitator and our objective is to take as much off your plate as is possible. 

We want you to have control and transparency over the Project and your investment of time is strategic. This means you get to focus on the important things. 

Clients often comment that this is the first time, in a long time, that they feel more confident and in control.

With a firm action plan in place, businesses find it is an invaluable program that catapults their actions to make their business better.

Your Business Alignment Framework although guided by us initially, is designed to build your internal capability and capacity.

Wherever possible, and where you’re able, we support you through the Self Implementation


The Guided Implementation is we support you and your team over an agreed timeframe in areas of expertise most required

A Full Implementation is we Project Manage and implement your strategic plan and our Consultant becomes one of your trusted team members. They are your 2IC.

At the end of the Project our Consultant has not only delivered your outcome but has also built the internal capability and capacity so you can make better deisions

how depp dive program works
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