Aligning Your Business To Support Your Style Of Living

Become less anxious about the future of your Business
Being in CONTROL without being CONTROLLING
Uncovering the value of DELEGATION

Maximise Your Business Value So You Can Focus On What You Love To Do

Prepare your business as if it was for Sale.
That way it's more profitable and valuable and you're in the Driver's Seat when or if you want to sell

We help busy and successful Business Owners Align their business with their Style of Living

What if there was a way for you to improve your profits, business value, and staff satisfaction, and continue to enjoy your personal style of living?

It is possible to set up CONTROLS so you have MANAGEMENT INFORMATION VISIBILITY over your whole business

Your Business Value can INCREASE without you being at the HUB of the Business


It is possible to prepare your business for SALE, Not SELL, and retain your style of living

You’ve invested years to create a successful business that supports your family and style of living.

Your business is a significant asset in your retirement plans so maximising its value should be central to your family’s revenue and asset strategy.

It’s time to consider how to increase the value of your asset; to create a passive-like business income; and prepare you for an eventual exit.

You deserve to choose if you want to sacrifice any more of your time as the major driving force in the business.

You may not want to accept that eventually, you will NOT be the business owner.

It’s an inevitability that you WILL one day retire or want to sell.

Wouldn’t it be better to create that reality now and be in control of the process?

Be in CONTROL of Your Business so your Business doesn't control YOU

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More Time To Do The Things You Love

Happy Customers, Staff, and Family

Your Life Back

There is a Solution For Busy Business Owners to Relieve the Stress of Running a Business

There is a solution for business owners who feel anxious that their time is being spent on less productive activities. 

Does it sometimes feel like the tail wagging the dog?

The solution is to TRUST your Processes, People and have Management Information Systems to monitor the business’s progress.

The tendency is to dive deeper into the business when in fact it’s the opposite that creates a sustainable and successful business.

We created the Business Alignment Framework based on 40 years of research, knowledge, experimentation, and the practical application of core business principles.

The result is the WISDOM needed to help and guide you to your success.

Your plans and goals are delivered using our wisdom, knowledge, and experience

Organisational Transformation

Just a few of the companies we’ve helped transform

Steve Sandor is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Inspiring Business and here are just a few of his achievements over his 40-plus years in business.

Steve has trained and mentored hundreds of Managers and Supervisors in the practical application of Leadership and Management Principles.

He has worked in five different industries Internationally and Nationally as a Manager, Business Owner and Consultant

He brings a unique understanding of the management theory and its application in small, medium, and large business environments.

He has built a strong reputation of authenticity and innovation.


Steve led a Human Resource Reorganisation Project with a brief to save AUD $2 million in costs. The Project took 3 months to complete and was delivered on time, and bettering the expected savings.

The success of the reorganisation meant that the stakeholders and investors had the confidence to continue the operation.

Steve stayed on as Head of Sales to assist the Managing Director with the continuation of the cultural change from within as a functional manager.

The goal was to “Get the business ready for sale but don’t sell it”. Andrew Scott had a lifestyle business but was not able to fully enjoy the benefits. 

The business was profitable but Andrew spent far too much of his time in the Business. It wasn’t structured in a way that would allow him to remove himself without the business stalling.

Over a 6 month period, Steve helped Andrew and his Management team to:

Review, improve, and map the entire Standard Operating Procedures.

Implement a CRM for Sales management and Client communication

Recruited an Operations Manager and General Manager to continue the business improvement

Steve continues to work with Andrew and his Team on an ad-hoc basis

The Business Alignment Framework

The Business Alignment Framework is a proprietary product designed by Inspiring Business to be flexible and meet your financial and time commitments.

It’s the practical application of Management Theory and is delivered by Inspiring Business Principal Consultant, Steve Sandor. 

Steve uses his 40-plus years of knowledge, experience, and wisdom to deliver a bespoke process he has used successfully in his own business, as an employee and as a Business Adviser and Consultant. 

It’s sharing his real-life experience of creating a business that supports his style of living.

How we Partner with You

When you start working with Steve Sandor you’ll be the centre of his attention. 

Steve only works with a few clients at a time so he can devote his energy and focus on the project at the same intensity as you would.

Steve will invest quality time with you to understand your goals, what you feel anxious about; what’s working, and what could be improved.

He’ll also engage with your team to understand their perspective and the culture you have built.

The biggest thing you’ll notice is Steve is NOT trying to change you or your business. 

Your business is already a success.

Steve is there to help you find the niggling things that are causing you stress and with his ability to see problems differently, find unique solutions to common problems.

What you’ll find is your staff will start to feel more confident as they begin to lean into the principle of  Collective Accountability.

The one thing that Steve is very aware of is the tendency for Project work to end up on your shoulders.

This is why he involves your whole team in the Project so they can become a part of the solution, and allow you to focus on what you love.

Deep Dive Analysis

The Deep Dive Analysis of your business is the first step in the Business Alignment Framework

It stress tests your goals and priorities

You get an honest appraisal of your internal capabilities and resources

You receive a strategic plan for systems, processes, and people improvements

You are guided through a hands-on implementation pathway

You’ll get all this, plus the confidence that you’re future-proofing the value of your business when you engage in the Business Alignment Framework

We say – Get your business to a stage where it could be sold, so you don’t have to. 

That way you can retire into your business and do the things you love to do, and be with the ones you love.

Three simple steps to improve your Profits, Value and Enjoyment

Book a Complimentary Exploration call
Your Guided Strategy and Implementation
Profit, Performance and People improvement
We discuss your goals, challenges and roadblocks
 We work with you to create your bespoke and detailed strategy and implementation plan
Your Business Alignment Framework gives you the Knowledge, Skills, and Information with inbuilt capacity and capability processes to sustain and future-proof your profits and business value
We never make promises we can't keep





We leave you and your staff more knowledgeable and equipped with effective communication tools and a Collective Accountability culture

You’ll have all the Management Information Systems in place to be in Control of your business’s strategic direction

You’ll have systems, processes, documents, and ongoing staff development in place so you can be less Controlling

Your business will no longer rely solely on you, and this means your business is now worth more.

You won’t feel guilty doing what you love with whom you love.



You feel like you’re making all the necessary business decisions alone

You’ll feel confident when delegating to your staff knowing they have everything they need

Your business is reacting and always trying to catch up

You’ll have the tools to predict what’s coming and pro-actively respond

You are the first one in, and the last one to leave

You have control of when and where you spend your time

Your staff feel stressed and under pressure

Your people are enthusiastic about their job and go home with a smile

Success Stories

“What makes me happy is seeing a business owner step back and trust in their staff to effectively and efficiently run the business.

It’s what I call Retiring into the Business”

Steve Sandor CEO

What you get when you purchase the Business Alignment Framework

A Deep Dive Analysis Report of your business functional lines

A clear and realistic set of goals

A Strategic Road Map with Defined Outcomes

A tailored Implementation Plan to meet your timeframe and budget

A guided program for improving your systems, processes and people

Monthly Leadership and Management Training and Mentoring

Weekly Executive Mentoring

An organisational structure that meets your needs

Accountability Statements for all your staff

A way of managing performance without being a Bossy Ogre

Access to a network of curated service providers and subject matter experts

You get all this AND the confidence that you’re future-proofing your business value

The Calendar below books you straight into an 30 Minute Discovery Call call with Steve Sandor

Committed To Your Business Success

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