How to become the Lazy Entrepreneur

Over $40,000 worth of Consulting Services for free

You read correctly. 

$40,000 worth of Consulting Services are offered to 

20 individuals

5 eligible Businesses 

over 6 months 

Principle of Inspiring Business, Steve Sandor

One-on-One CoachingYou Get

4 off one hour one-on-one Video Coaching Sessions

A Personal Accountability Program

Each Coaching session is valued $1,200

Any Individual Can apply T&C Apply


Deep Dive Analysis – You Get

3 off one hour Video Exploration Sessions

A Full Analysis of One Functional Area

A Partial Analysis of the remaining Functional Areas

A Deep Dive Analysis Report *

Each Deep Dive Analysis Report is valued at $2,500

Businesses with more than 5 Employees are Eligible T&C Apply

Scale to Success Solution – Full Report

One Eligible Business will be chosen from a random draw

The Scale to Success Solution Report is valued at over $5,000

Businesses with more than 5 Employees are Eligible T&C Apply


Terms and Conditions

To be eligible to apply you must be a subscriber to one of the mailing lists offered by Inspiring Business

You agree to provide Steve Sandor with a Video Testimonial one week after the completion of your service

You must apply for the Service through the Inspiring Business Application form for the Individual Bonus or the Business Bonus

The successful applicants are based on a first in first served basis. All applications are date and time-stamped once successfully submitted.

You may only apply for the Business Bonus if you are an Australian-based business with more than 5 employees, excluding the Business owner or their Business Partner

You agree to attend all Video Sessions. Not attending a Video Session automatically voids the Bonus Offer

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy Applies

Each Individual Bonus is completed over a 4-week period.

There is a maximum of 3 Individuals Coached each Month

The Deep Dive Analysis Video Sessions must be completed within a 6-week period of the first scheduled meeting

No correspondence will be entered into and Inspiring Business has the final say on the acceptance of any and all applications.


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