Personal Development and Accountability Program

$1,200 worth of Coaching for your email address and a Video Testimonial

You may be an exceptional Technician and perfect for your role.


But your Job Description suggests you need to know about management too.


You may have experience doing stuff, but you may not have all the necessary management experience to be effective at your job.


I’ve been working for over 45 years and I’m still learning about how much I still don’t know.


The recruiting industry says that to be ready for a Senior Manager’s role you need at least 10 to 15 years’ experience across a broad range of disciplines.


To help you overcome this personal development problem I created a One-on-One Personal Development and Accountability Program.


It will help you to fast track your management expertice


All you have to do is register your email on one of the Inspiring Business mailing lists and you’ll be eligible.

Your Personal Development and Accountability Program is designed to give you a fast-track roadmap and guidance towards your professional success.


In 4 One-on-One, hour long sessions you’ll get this valuable support.


Understanding your Capabilities – Week 1

During our first session, we’ll work together to identify what skills and experience you are expected to have to do your job; what level of proficiency you have; and what’s holding you back.


We’ll dig into your goals and why they are important to you and you’ll be clearer on what you need to achieve them.


Planning your Personal Development and Capability Plan – Week 2

Now that we have clarity on the skills and experience needed, we’ll work on prioritising what needs to be developed. We’ll work on creating a roadmap for you that will be useful long after we’ve finished our last session.


You’ll be able to focus your attention and resources on the areas that will have the biggest impact, allowing you to see progress and make changes that matter.


Action and Accountability – Week 3

You’ll draw on the information and knowledge that we’ve worked together over the last 2 weeks.


We’ll now work on what needs to be done and over what time-frame so you can begin the up-skill needed for your professional success.


We’ll turn them into a practical, actionable plan and make sure you have the tools and resources you need to reach your goals.


It’s now time for Action and Accountability.


Sustainable capacity and capability development – Week 4

In our fourth and final session, we’ll work together on how to sustainably include your development program into your day with a focus on self-accountability and a proven time management approach.


Our approach to time management is designed to help you get the most out of your day and achieve your goals faster.


We’ll teach you how to stay focused and avoid distractions, so you can make the most of every minute. 

Video Testimonial Request

The final 5 minutes of day 4.

At the end of our final session, I’ll ask if you got value from the Program.


If you did get value, then I’ll ask you to provide me with a short video testimonial.


I’ll ask you these four simple questions.

Why did you want to be a part of the Program?

What were your biggest challenges before you started the Program?

What value did you get from the Program?

What would you have been doing if you didn’t start the Program?

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