Trade your Video Testimonial for a Deep Dive Analysis valued at $2,500

Your business is doing just fine but it’s you that is struggling to keep up.


The problem with running a small or medium-sized business is the Business Owner’s mindset.


The Deep Dive Analysis is the first step in developing a business that doesn’t rely upon you.


It’s a mindset shift from being Self-Employed to managing a Business Enterprise.


It’s subtle because from the outside it doesn’t look any different. But when you look behind the curtain you can see that a Business Enterprise is much more valuable.


Because it doesn’t rely on the Business Owner.


The Deep Dive Analysis looks at your functional areas of Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, People and Human Resources, and Corporate Services like IT, Legal, Property Management, and any other specialist area.


It’s an analysis of what’s working and what’s not working and developing a strategy to transform the business and your people into an effective machine that you control without being controlling.


The Deep Dive Analysis (Free) focuses on the area that you feel needs the most attention or will deliver you the most leverage.


All you have to do is register your email on one of the Inspiring Business mailing lists and you’ll be eligible.

Deep Dive Analysis (Free)

The Deep Dive Analysis (Free) is a combination of about three one-hour sessions with me (If we need more, we need more) and filling in some details of your business and providing me with information on your existing systems and processes.


I’ll do the rest.

The key steps are:

  • A discussion about your goals and objectives
  • Collecting information on all of your Functional areas
  • Rate these based on your satisfaction level of their performance.
  • Then rate these by Importance and Urgency


I’ll then deliver a Report with a strategy to improve that functional area.

Your Video Testimonial

If you did get value from the Deep Dive Analysis, then I’ll ask you to provide me with a short video testimonial.


I’ll ask you these four simple questions.

Why did you want to be a part of the Program?

What were your biggest challenges before you started the Program?

What value did you get from the Program?

What would you have been doing if you didn’t start the Program?

For all Eligible Businesses you could win a Scale to Success Solution valued at over $5,000

Any business that registers for the Deep Dive Analysis (Free) will also go into the draw for one Full Scale to Success Solution.

For more details on what is included go to the FAQ section here

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