The State of the Australian and NZ Workplace in 2023

Gallop conducted research on the state of the Australian and New Zealand Workplace in 2023 and it’s not a glowing report.

The opening statement by the Author says

“Four in five employees in Australia and New Zealand are not thriving at work, and almost half of Australian workers say they experienced a lot of stress the previous day.”

Some of the more telling data is:

20% of Australia’s employees were thriving at work. This means that 4 out 5 are not.

48% of Australian Employees say they experienced a lot of stress the previous day.

43% of employees say they are actively looking for another job or watching for opportunities.

There is a tendency for “quiet quitters”. The cost of losing and replacing a staff member can be anything from 35% to 215% of the full-time employment (FTE) cost of the position.

That’s straight off the bottom line.

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Download the Gallop report below

Watch the You-Tube interview with Steve Sandor here.


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