Do you know why your Top Performing Employees are Leaving?

Ever wondered why your top performers start feeling sheepish? And then leave the flock!

It’s an expensive exercise.

They come in for what you think is a catch up, or maybe even for more money, and tell you they have found a better offer. 

How could they leave after everything you’ve done for them!

You think about offering them more money, but you know that’s too little too late and would be an insult to them.

But the real culprit is usually not what they tell you. They genuinely like you and don’t want to offend you. So they tell you what you want to hear.

The real reason is usually the grating leadership style coming from within within your own team.

The Manager who feels they can bully, belittle, or undervalue their staff. Maybe not as aggressive as that, bit definitely not caring.

They sometimes do this unwittingly because they don’t know any different. They are getting results and no-one is complaining about their style of management.

The manager’s ‘sign of strength’ has the same impact on the team as the sheep facing a wolf. They bleat and run before they are eaten.

And, as the Business Owner, you may not even be aware of these practices.

How Does This Happen?

It’s when the definition of success is locked into only financial performance.

Profitable companies experience employee exodus if their leader operates like a Scrooge McDuck, more interested in hoarding wealth than fostering morale.

When profits are up, no-one cares that good people leave. They just can’t hack it. 

It’s when revenue is up and profits are down that everyone all of a sudden is surprised.

Time for a reality check!

You're not Performing

Employees are often criticised because of their bleating about a lack of direction, feeling undervalued, or simply uninspired? 

Leaders who ditch their ego trip and embrace a more compassionate approach will make significant deposits in the Trust Bank. 

Remember, leadership isn’t about barking orders; it’s about creating a flock that wants to follow, not fearing the shears.

Respect, fairness, and the occasional wow factor of a little gratitude go a long way. 

Teams that are encouraged, and given clear direction, and feel valued, will perform at a much higher rate than those threatened.


Remember, happy sheep make for a thriving flock, and leading them effectively requires genuine care, not an iron fist. 

Baa-lieve it! Sorry we couldn’t resist.

If you would like to know how to lead your flock, book a call with our CEO, Steve Sandor for a 30 minute Discovery Call.

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