People Management Service

The People Management Services is where we take care of all the Human Resources Management issues for you. 

We know that finding and keeping the right people is critical to the success of a business and can also be problematic. That’s why we have developed a unique method of delivering a Human Resource program that works. 

Based on the findings of the Human Resource Process Check we will recommend people management solutions that will improve your day-today people management process.

Our catch cry is Better People Increases Output and Sustainability. 

To achieve this we will help you develop Human Resource Policies, Procedures and Processes that engages and includes your staff and make sure your people have a road-map to follow. Like any other part of your business having Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) ensures there is consistency.

Some of these are (and I can hear you yawning already), Job Description (also known as Position Descriptions), Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics, Organisation (or Accountability) Charts, Job Sizing and Remuneration Strategy, Performance Management, Training – Technical (Hard) Skills and People (Soft) Skills, People Management Policy, Procedures and Processes (Development, Implementation, Platform) Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), and Recruitment Methods.


What we don’t do!

We don’t provide any advice around the Laws associated with Awards, Industrial Relations, Employment Laws, Occupational Health and Safety, and other legal related issues. We have a number of Human Resource and Legal experts who we defer to for advice. We know enough about these to get into trouble, and we don’t want to do that. We leave these to the experts.

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