How to resolve Employee Conflict

Resolving Employee Conflict

As an employer you want to encourage your employees to provide you with honest feedback. Your staff need to know that they will listened to without fear or favour but what happens when there is a difference of opinion? Who wins?

There are so many layers to managing differences and if not handled properly the consequences could be dire and unbelievably disruptive to a business.

It’s a learned skill to manage conflict and many think that “suggestions taken out of Context” is the issue and finding ‘common ground’ will solve the problem. A common mistake, where if you look for the intent behind the suggestion first, it’s a much simpler process to find a solution.

The common problem is that one person sees a situation from a certain viewpoint and has an opinion or theory. So as a consequence, one looks for evidence to support the theory. It’s assumed that once a higher Context is found both parties will agree.

Context gives meaning to the Content subject. However, it also depends upon the Intent in which the Content it is delivered.

If the conversation is delivered with an Intent only to support an agenda or be disruptive, then it fuels the Content argument and drags the participants further apart.

If the conversation starts with an Intent from both sides to ‘solve the problem’ then the balance moves towards finding a Context and creates the space for a discussion and resolution.

A CULTURE that has an Intent of support and encouragement of employees and to look for ways to improve the Customer Experience, will allow supportive discussions.

It takes Time and Intention to build an Employer of Choice CULTURE.

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