Simon Sinek

Caring is Contagious

“Caring is contagious” Bob Chapman – Barry-Wehmiller

In an interview with Simon Sinek in his “A bit of Optimism Podcast” Bob Chapman of Barry-Wehmiller, a USA based manufacturing company talked about how he has been able to “build great people to do extraordinary things”.

Bob Chapman is a wonderful example of how you can build a successful business by focusing on the people within the business. There are so many nuggets of Gold in this interview they are too many to note here.

I implore you to invest 30 minutes to listen to these wonderful pearls of wisdom.

The one thing that resonated with me most was when Bob and Simon spoke about treating people with respect and trust was earned not expected.

In the Leadership Courses we conduct here at Inspiring Business, this is one thing that is at the core of Leadership. To be a Leader requires courage, tenacity, foresight, focus, but above all, to CARE for your people. To be the one who defends them when they make a mistake and to stand behind them and applaud their success.

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