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Online Business Improvement Program

Imagine Your Business Runs Like Ship

Imagine your business is a ship steaming on the high seas.

Your purpose, as the Captain, is to keep the ship on the move, transporting cargo from port to port.

Your greatest challenge is guaranteeing your ship leaves and arrives on time with undamaged cargo.

Your biggest problem is a unhappy customer.

You’re most frustrated when your crew aren’t performing.

You want more time on the seas with less stress and more profits.

Reliability doesn't just happen. It's Intentional

Improvements Lead to performance

  • The more technologically advanced your ship is, the fewer crew you need.
  • An efficient power plant and systems operate efficiently and economically
  • Scheduled maintenance servicing, fixing and replacing equipment limits costly breakdowns
  • Maintaining your crew’s proficiency, updating their skills, and giving them time to rest, keeps and attracts quality people.

Efficient People, Processes and Performance

Disaster can strike at any time - On the Sea or Land

Common causes for Ship Accidents are easily related to the reasons for business failure. 

Human error is easily applied to both and they are seated in poor communication and training.

Bad weather can be avoided or weathered. Having a flexible Business Plan allows you to navigate your way through or around external economic and environmental changes.

The pressure to deliver can cause navigational errors that end up running the ship aground.

Simply focusing on KPI’s and profit can cause delivery and service errors causing customer dissatisfaction and a loss in revenue.

Equipment failures are caused by poor maintenance scheduling resulting in delays and lost profits. Not having regular systems and process reviews allow inefficiencies to become the norm and cause inefficiencies, delays, and lost profits.

Not following established systems and processes that result in accidents, at best, cause lost profits, at worst legal prosecution, significant fines, or worst still, loss of life.

Business owners have Statutory and Regulatory obligations to ensure their businesses comply and provide a safe working environment. The easiest and safest way to protect you and your business is to have documented Standard Operating Procedures across all functional areas with demonstrative training and compliance monitoring.

How Can You Avoid A Disaster?

Ship Captains are compelled to ensure their ships are seaworthy, undergo regular engineering audits, comply with strict safety tests, and abide by the rules of entering and leaving ports.

The ship’s operator also needs to prove the crew is competent and compliant.

Being compliant is the insurance policy to prevent a disaster and save lives, and if done with intention, is a way to improve the bottom line.

Investment or Expense? It's In The Context

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses also have Statutory and Regulatory requirements and need to be ‘signed off’, but these are often seen as an impost and of no benefit.

What’s an acceptable risk to take for non-action? If you knew your Return On Investment was guaranteed, would you hesitate?

Is improving the operating procedure; training staff; updating technology so it runs smoothly; an expense or an investment?

So often a business owner accepts the risk, does nothing and sets sail hoping for the best.

There’s no Harbour Master stopping them.

At Inspiring Business we feel that’s too big a risk to take and there are plenty of wrecked businesses, relationships and families to prove the point.

Being Intentional is the heart of a businesses success.

We have created a simple and affordable online solution for the Captains of Industry to minimise business risks and maximise their success.

The SSS Inspiring Business

welcomes you on board

The Online Scale to Success Solution

Tailored to meet your Budget and Objectives

When you chose to come aboard the S S S you’ll immediately be supported to achieve your business objective.

We know that everyone should invest in their business strategy and plan, but not everyone can. So we have made the SSS affordable regardless of your situation, budget or expertise.

The Deep Dive Analysis is the first step of the S S S we use with all our Enterprise clients.

It uncovers what’s working well and what could or should be improved.

It identifies goals and priorities; assesses resources; measures the capability and capacity of your team; looks for ways to improve consistency, value and sustainable profits.

Your very own Deep Dive Analysis Online Report is the first step to formulating your Business Improvement Strategy and the map to help you navigate the changes you can make to improve your People, Processes and Performance.

Your S S S options are

A Free downloadable Guide of the Deep Dive Analysis Data Collection Tool so you can sail solo.


Access to the Online Deep Dive Analysis Data Collection Tool and Reporting Software on a Do It Yourself basis.


The Do It With You (Lite and Full) includes all in the DIY option, plus a series of consultations to assist you with the:

> data collection;

> assessment of the results;

> and help with the strategy and implementation.

Inspiring Business - Your Captain's First Mate

Whether you choose the Do It Yourself or Do It With You options, you’ll receive the same in-depth analysis

we use with our Scale to Success Solution Enterprise clients.

It’s been adapted to fit your needs and budget.

To access the Online SSS simply

1) register here,

2) select your preferred option,

3) Start you Journey.

Don’t have the time or experience to go it alone? Let our team of experts help you fast-track your strategy with our SSS Enterprise offer.

Click here and complete the Enterprise client inquiry to book a 60 minute Complimentary Exploration call.

Pricing Matrix Notes - Terms and Conditions

  1. All Initial Consultations include up to 2 hours of Online Zoom consulting. There are 2 consulting sessions each 1 hour in length.
  2. Where the Head Office Location is within 100km of Brisbane CBD an additional in- person meeting is included
  3. Deep Dive Data Collection – DIWY-L and DIWY-F options include 1 hour of Online Consulting
  4. Deep Dive Analysis Assessment – DIWY-L and DIWY-F options include 1 hour of Online Consulting
  5. Strategic Road Mapping (Support) – DIWY-L and DIWY-F options include 2 hours of Online Consulting
  6.  Implementation Support – DIWY-F option includes 1 hour of Online Consulting
  7. SOP Mapping Review – DIWY-L and DIWY-F options include up to 1 hour of Online Consulting
  8. SOP Documentation review – DIWY-F options include up to 2 hours of Online Consulting
  9. Job Design Training – DIWY-F options include up to 1 hour of Online Consulting

Let Us Guide You to Your Success

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